Transactions of the American Entomological Society

Author Instructions

Author Instructions

Papers submitted to Transactions of The American Entomological Society should be original contributions to the field of insect systematics and taxonomy (see focus and scope section).  Papers submitted must not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

 Manuscripts must be submitted electronically using the portal via the journal website.  Manuscripts should be in MS Word format with images and tables provided in a separate file, preferably as a pdf (see specific instructions below).  The text of the manuscript should be double-spaced, and ideally line numbers should provided for each page.  Images should be lowered in dpi for submission of the manuscript.  High resolution versions of figures will be requested if the manuscript is accepted for publication.

 Submitted manuscripts will then be sent for peer review, unless the manuscript is not appropriate for the journal (either because it does not fall within the scope of the journal or because the quality of the manuscript falls below the standards expected for manuscript submission).  Two experts within the field will generally review manuscripts.  We ask that the corresponding author provide the contact details (including e-mail addresses) of at least three potential reviewers of their manuscript. These should be experts in their field of study, who will be able to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript.

 All manuscripts must be in English (standard American English spellings are preferred over other variants).  If English is the author(s) second language, please have the manuscript checked for grammatical and other errors prior to submission of the manuscript.  We cannot provide extensive revisions for grammar related issues.  The following general format should be followed for each manuscript:

 Front page with a concise, but descriptive title; name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) and designation of a corresponding author in case of more than one author; key words.  The main body of the manuscript should include: Title; Author(s); Abstract; Key words; Address(es) and affiliations of authors; Introduction; Material and methods; Results; Discussion;

Acknowledgements; References; Tables and Figures with legends.  Sections provided here as a guide and deviations are acceptable; clarity of expression and ease of communication are more desirable than a rigid format. 

Reference formats

 Within text examples:

 “This extends to the synonymy of Loryma vittipennis, which Dirsh (1956) considered a junior synonym of Loryma perficita.”

 “Putative close relatives of Euloryma were described by Brown as Dirshacris (Brown 1959) and Hemiloryma (Brown 1973).”

Reference Section:

 From journal:

Grunshaw JP (1986) Revision of the East African grasshopper genus Kassongia with a description of a new, closely related taxon, Labiodioloryma gen.n. (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Hemiacridinae). Systematic Entomology 11: 33-51.

 With multiple authors

Angradi TR, Bolgrien DW, Jicha TM, Pearson MS, Taylor DL, Hill BH (2009) Multispatial-scale variation in benthic and snag-surface macroinvertebrate assemblages in mid-continent US great rivers. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28:122- 141

From Book:

Uvarov B (1966) Grasshoppers and Locusts: A Handbook of General Acridology. Vol. 1 Cambridge University Press, UK 481 pp.

 From Website:

Eades DC, Otte D, Cigliano MM, Braun H. Orthoptera Species File Online. Version 2.0/4.1. Available from: http:// (accessed December 2012).


Illustrations should not be embedded in the manuscript. They should be submitted as separate files – preferably as a pdf. Final versions of color or black and white illustrations should have a resolution of 300 DPI. Line illustration should have a 600 DPI resolution.  For initial submission of illustrations dpi can be lower so as to lower the size of the pdf, but high-resolution versions of illustrations will be required as stated above if the manuscript is accepted.

Illustrations should have a maximum width of 6 inches (or 15 cm) (two column width) or 3 inches (7cm) (single column). Illustrations should have a maximum height of 7 inches (18cm).  Color illustrations are encouraged to be used extensively in the published pdf, however for the print issue, color will be used only if it is extremely important to the presentation of the data and is of limited use.


Tables should be submitted separately from the text. It is best to separate the items in each column by a single tab.

Page Charges



No reprints are offered. Authors will receive an electronic PDF free of charge and this PDF will also be available as an open-access file via the TAES website.


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